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GS X-ray Baggage Scanners Installed For Shanghai World Expo

Shenzhen General Systems Co., Ltd | Updated: Nov 10, 2016

GS X-ray Baggage Scanners Installed For Shanghai World Expo  

2010 Shanghai World Expo and the Asian Games highlights, 2011 world Horticultural Exposition world's attention once again focused on China – the ancient city of Xian. Xian garden Expo held in Xian chanba ecological region on April 28, 2011 to October 22, part 178 days. Set a total of 109 outdoor exhibition garden, is expected to visit the 12 million tourists. The exhibition will be "nature enterprise, creative nature--city and harmonious society" as the theme, with a total area of 418 hectares, of which 188 hectares of water area. Plan showing from domestic and international fine art, sculpture, as well as rare, rare animals, will allow people to fully enjoy the beauty of gardening, horticulture, architecture and art. The Horticultural Exposition, days and times with 136 metal detection gate, 34 x-ray machines, 136 handheld metal detectors and strong lineup and senior engineering and technical personnel, landed in XI ' an, fair for the country's three major entrances and security works in order to provide a strong guarantee.

Currently, as of May 9, 2011, at 17 o'clock, Park total number of 56632, products under the defence of the world in the day and age, security monitoring and protection work high efficiency zero error. Several senior technical staff presence, full the Expo security work.

The Horticultural Exposition, was the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2010 South Africa World Cup, day and time for Prime escort and a landmark achievement of the General Assembly. Days and times will work with "the world" brand, with its high quality, unique, innovative technology, personality yet real, cutting-edge and no lack of heavy property and move on, won the women's team title.

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