Blog Critical infrastructure X-ray Security Solution

Critical infrastructure X-ray Security Solution

April 18, 2019

Critical infrastructure is a term used by governments to describe assets that are essential for the functioning of a society and economy. According to the Department of Homeland Security, protecting and ensuring the continuity of the critical infrastructure are essential to the nation’s security, public health and safety, economic vitality, and way of life.

Most commonly associated with the critical infrastructure are facilities for: correctional facilities, courthouses, mailrooms, hotel entrances, government facilities, and defense industrial bases.

GS Automatic offers unique customizable options,  Mobility Kits, and Custom Paint to fit your needs and environment. For customers that desire the best on the market, we also offer the VI Series product line with a sleek stainless steel design, upgraded computer and advanced software platform for unmatched detection.

GS Automatic technology offers customers the peace of mind that personnel, students, guests, and visitors are safe. In addition to our superior technology, we also offer walkthroughs, optional accessories and the software add-ons you want to make the ideal package solution.

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