GS Automatic abide by the service aim of “customers first, credit first”, aim to provide long term technical support and comprehensive service.

1, Our factory is responsible for after-sale service, the special install and maintenance service department is responsible for regular users visit and information feedback, installation guide, and technology consulting. Offices set up in major cities across the country, strive to clear the trouble in the shortest time and save our user’s heart.

2, Warranty period:

We provide 18 months warranty for all products.

3, Current management

Send foreign trade sales representatives to do email back and after sales call return visit, and keep good track record.

in the process of above, we understand the problem of the device, factory will propose a solution to solve problems.

4, Connect with users on technical issues, ensure product conformity and stability.

5, Foreign trade sales is incharge of video installation and training the customer. Factory provide on-site free training video.

6, Provide free complete set of English instruction, technical data, and pictures.

7, 24 hours repair response time. Service maintenance carried out through video or the technician telephone instruction.

In difficult situation repairs, factory carries out technical engineer long distance one to one service, foreign trade sales assist, work continuously together to clear the trouble according working hours in China.

8, Charging standard for in product warranty period and out of warranty period

In warranty period, the warranty coverage include the malfunction and quality problem caused by non man-made sabotage, force majeure factor, promise to provide free repair and maintenance; Out of warranty period, there will be an appropriate charge of travel and materials expense.

9, Preferential commitment for the required accessories out of product warranty period.

The preferential commitment for the required accessories out of product warranty period is : Factory provide.

According to customers requirement, phone tracking, to customers telephone, proceed without hesitation to solve customer’s problems.