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  • Portable Under Vehicle Surveillance System GS3000
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    Portable Under Vehicle Surveillance System GS3000

    Our portable under vehicle surveillance system solutions are designed to scan, monitor, and digitally record crisp, clear digital video images of the entire width of a vehicles undersidesall with one permanent or portable system. Careful integration of components makes the portable under vehicle...
  • Permanent Under Vehicle Surveillance System GS3300
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    Permanent Under Vehicle Surveillance System GS3300

    Our static under vehicle surveillance system solutions are is an innovative vehicle underside surveillance system. It scans the complete vehicle underside in moving traffic and visualizes it as high resolution image. It enables security staff to identify suspicious objects or undercarriage...
  • Hydraulic Tyre Killer HTY001
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    Hydraulic Tyre Killer HTY001

    GS hydraulic tyre killers are designed especially for entrance points which have a threat of vehicle attack or for the ones that have high security requirements. If there is a threat of vehicle attack in addition to the control of vehicle access in high security applications, hydraulic tyre...
  • Electromechanical Tyre Killers EMTK002
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    Electromechanical Tyre Killers EMTK002

    Electromechanical Tyre Killers General Description Electromechanical tyre killer is one of the highest security vehicle access control systems in which a vehicle without permission cannot enter. Tyres of the unpermitted vehicle splits open immediately, therefore the vehicle moves only a few more...
  • Toll High Speed Barriers
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    Toll High Speed Barriers

    speed barrier gate for toll gates with high traffic flow The GS.Toll Pro speed barriers model offers an opening time of 0.3second, 0.6second,0.9 second, and is thus suited to highly trafficked toll stations. The barrier width goes up to 3 m. To provide a secure,convenient and high efficient...
  • Toll Barriers
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    Toll Barriers

    Toll Barriers Product Description The GS highway barriers also so called tollway barriers has designed a high speed barrier dedicated to toll applications, especially highways/motorways, here reliability, endurance and the correct technology to manage major vehicle flows is essential. GS Highway...
  • Parking Guidance System
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    Parking Guidance System

    What is Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System? Parking Guidance System General Description Ultrasonic parking guidance system provides visual indication to driver while searching for a vacant parking spaces: ultrasonic sensor at each space monitors real-time occupancy and reports by changing color...
  • Speed Gate A608
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    Speed Gate A608

    The Speed Gates continues to be one of GS most popular and sought after speed gate products. The award winning Speed Gates design can be placed in any environment where barrier deterrence and fast throughput are number one priorities. The Speed Gates can be designed in a wide variety of finishes...
  • Parking Management System
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    Parking Management System

    Intelligent Parking Management System is a system for managing pay on foot parking system, for both occasional and registered parkers. Composed of entry & exit controller, entry & exit barrier, cash register and software, GS PMS makes your parking lots secure, intelligent...
  • Walk-through Metal Detectors GS700
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    Walk-through Metal Detectors GS700

    6 zones standard Walk-through metal detector UB700 meets very high sensitivity applications, which also allows very high throughput in high security public screening checkpoints. Parameters Power Supply:AC85V-264V Working temperature:-20℃--+50℃ Working Frequency :4KHZ—8KHZ Standard External...
  • Walk-through Metal Detectors GS600
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    Walk-through Metal Detectors GS600

    6 zones standard Metal Detector characterised Walk-through metal detector UB600 made by excellent discrimination towards metal personal effects, even when set to high security levels. Thanks to its advanced technology, the GS600 is a Metal Detector which allows accurate pinpointing of weapons in...
  • Walk Through Metal Detectors GS500
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    Walk Through Metal Detectors GS500

    6 zones standard GS walk-through metal detector GS500 Accurate detection of all metals, high level of discrimination, full compliance with the latest Security Standards and exceptional immunity to external interferences are among the main peculiarities of this new device. Parameters Power...
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